“Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”

—Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Research—The Essence of the Marketing Plan.

SAW Consulting provides a full range of marketing research services to support the development of strong strategic and tactical plans. Our goal in any research activity is not simply to provide data, but highly usable results based on the gathered data. This approach to research ensures that our clients receive the information needed in a format that allows quick and solid marketing decisions. We invite you to read on to learn more about our research methodologies and deliverables.

Research Methodologies

Quality research is a key to any successful marketing strategy. Our marketing research projects start with a thorough understanding of our clients' business needs and current market situation. Using this as our baseline, we employ one or more of our three key methods of market research to assemble a full market picture. Our key research methods include {click on headings for further detail}:

  1. Published Information
  2. Secondary Research
  3. Direct Contact

Research Deliverables

Making informed decisions from raw data and information is challenging at best. At SAW Consulting we believe that informed decisions and solid strategies come from thorough data analysis. Moreover, data must be provided in a fashion that allows quick interpretation and ease of use. For this reason, we generally do not assemble lengthy research reports, but place data into appropriate, usable formats that aid decision-making and foster understanding.