“The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”

—George Bernard Shaw

Tactical Marketing—Operational Planning and Implementation.

Your operational (or tactical) plan is the short-term guide to implementing your marketing strategy. Typically developed around a one-year time frame, the tactical plan contains actionable steps toward achieving your marketing objectives. SAW Consulting can provide a wide range of support in the development of your tactical marketing plan, as well as assist in tactical implementation.

Tactical Plan Development

We work with you to develop time-specific, resource-driven tactical plans that are visibly aligned with your marketing strategies. Defining desired results and linking each tactic to marketing strategies and objectives, we create the metrics that can be used for tracking marketing performance and success. Additionally, defining appropriate analytical methods for evaluating specific tactics ensures that marketing efforts remain cost effective.

Common components that may be detailed in the tactical plan include:

Tactic Implementation

Through our alliance partnerships, SAW Consulting can also assist in the implementation of defined tactics. Across any medium or platform, we can provide cost-effective and innovative solutions that get results.